Prof. Shengli Yang


Chairman of Division of Medicine and Public Health, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering


杨胜利2.png Professor Yang is a pioneer in China who advocated to research on Biotechnology and Systems Biology. In 1997 Professor Yang was elected as a member of CEA. He has been dedicated himself to the scientific researches and teaching activities in medical biotechnology, drug discovery, biochemistry, molecular biology, and systems biology. His research areas are mainly involved in the discovery of novel antibiotics and the mechanism of drug resistance in bacterium, construction of E. coli expression vector and host-cell controlled engineering, energy metabolic engineering of hemoglobin, enzyme engineering and protein engineering of bacillus subtilis, chaperones, and function genomics of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). He has been granted with 13 projects from the National Foundation, won four awards (two awards from the Provincial Government and the Chinese Ministry of Education (Grade I).Currently he is also the professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, member of the Scientific Council of National 973 Key Basic Research Program.